What Types Of Plastic Scrap Can Your Company Recycle?


You might be pretty familiar with scrap metal recycling, but you should also realize that there are entire businesses out there that focus on the recycling of scrap plastic. If your business ends up with a lot of scrap plastic, you'll probably want to work with one of these companies. Some of the different types of scrap plastic that you can get rid of with the help of one of these companies are listed here.

28 March 2019

Need Spending Money For The Holidays? 4 Items You Can Recycle For Cash


If you need some extra spending cash for the holidays, it's time to start looking around your house for the recyclables. Don't limit your search to bottles and cans, though. There are lot more recyclable items around your house than you might think. Here are four items you can recycle for much-needed cash during the holidays. Copper Wire When it comes to recycling, copper wire is a hot commodity. In fact, you can quite a bit of money from your old copper wire.

23 November 2018

Are You Looking To Sell Copper Wire? Factors You Should Consider As You Look For A Copper Wire Buyer


The value of copper is high right now. As such, you can make a lot of money selling any scrap or old copper wire you may have. However, not every copper wire buyer is the same. Here are a few factors you should consider as you look for a recycling company to sell your copper wire to. How Much They Pay One of the most important factors to consider as you search for a copper wire buyer is how much the buyer is willing to pay for your copper wires.

18 December 2016

Aren't Sure What's Left On Your Electronic Devices? What Are Your Best Disposal Options?


If you're like many families who regularly upgrade your electronic devices — from phones to tablets — you may have a drawer or old shoebox filled with obsolete devices you no longer know what to do with. Although there are electronics recycling services available at electronics stores, local trash facilities, and even mall kiosks, you may be reluctant to turn over possession of your electronic devices without knowing exactly what information is contained inside.

9 November 2016

3 Reasons To Get Defective Airbags Recycled


Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of the recalled airbags in the vehicles at your dealership? You might want to consider shipping the airbags to a recycling center. There are many good reasons to get airbags recycled over sending them to a landfill. Take a look at this article for a list of the benefits that comes along with getting airbags recycled. 1. Lowers the Risk of Exposure to Hazardous Materials

22 August 2016

Design A Recycling Plan When Removing Computers


When phasing out a large number of computers, what do you plan on doing with the old units? There's a bit of money you could make back through recycling and some repair potential if you plan out the removal with recycling and reuse in mind. Consider a few ways to make the removal and recycling process a bit easier, and ways you can extend the useful life of your old computers and parts.

14 June 2016

When Greeting Cards Can't Be Recycled (And How You Can Change That)


Greeting cards are a great way to tell somebody you love them, but what happens when you've collected dozens of them over the years? While you can throw them away, there's no need, as greeting cards are easily recyclable. At least most of the time- there are certain circumstances that make them impossible to recycle. Thankfully, that situation can be remedied. Greeting Cards Are Usually Made Of Paper And Cardboard

13 May 2016